Ultrasound and Doppler Scans

Know the inner you: Ultrasound and Doppler Scans at Blue Cross

Ultrasound and Doppler scans are safe and painless imaging techniques used to visualize your internal organs and blood flow.  At Blue Cross, our team of experienced Radiologists utilizes these versatile tools for a wide range of diagnostic purposes.

Ultrasound: A Clear Picture

How it works: High-frequency sound waves are used to create detailed images of your organs and tissues.


  • Painless and safe: No radiation involved, making it ideal for pregnant women and children.
  • Real-time imaging: Provides doctors with a dynamic view of your internal structures.
  • Versatile tool: Used for examining organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, uterus, and more.

Doppler: Unveiling Blood Flow

What it does: This specialized ultrasound technique measures the movement of blood cells within your vessels.


  • Detects abnormalities: Identifies blockages, leaks, or abnormal blood flow patterns in arteries and veins.
  • Monitors heart health: Assesses blood flow through the heart valves for potential problems.
  • Tracks fetal development: Doppler scans are crucial for monitoring blood flow in the umbilical cord and placenta during pregnancy.

Ultrasound and Doppler scans work in tandem to provide comprehensive information about your internal health.  Our experienced radiologists will interpret the results and share them with your doctor, allowing for:

  • Accurate diagnosis: Pinpointing the cause of symptoms and guiding treatment decisions.
  • Effective monitoring: Tracking the progress of existing conditions and treatment response.
  • Early detection: Identifying potential health risks before symptoms even arise.

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Ultrasound and Doppler scans offer a valuable window into your inner health. If your doctor recommends one of these procedures, Blue Cross is here to provide a comfortable and efficient experience.  Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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